Get On Top Unblocked

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If you are ready to play one of the best and at the same time most simple two player game, you came to the right place. Get On Top is really addictive game where you must compete with your friend to win the battle. Actually, Get On Top is a wrestle game where players are trying to get on top to win. The most serious drawback of this game is that there is no single player mode to play with computer, only multiplayer. You must make every move wisely to win the battle. Hope that you win enjoy the Get On Top Unblocked at school. The basic controls for the game are below.

Controls of players:
[Player 1]
Jump: "W"

[Player 2 ]
Jump: "UP" arrow key.

How To Play The Game

Even though that playing the Get On Top Unblocked game is very simple I will give you several advice how to succeed. Don't make first move as soon as the round begins. Wait for the opponents move and try to block them all. As soon as you notice that opponent is standing not in good place, attack and win the round. Everything depends on the right time in this game. Another strategy how to succeed is to attack as soon as the round begins to win the round instantly. Even though that it is a simple 2D game, lots of people enjoy it every day at school or at home.


Even thought I have played a lot of similar games, I would like to tell you that get on top game is the best. In addition to the great gameplay, you can enjoy nice graphics and multiplayer mode. I would give this game 4 out of 5 stars because of the small resolution. The game just can't be resized to play in fullscreen mode. But the is a solution - you can download it for your android gadget and enjoy it with a better graphics. Hope that my review of the Get On Top Unblocked will be useful.